Build enterprise-class
blockchain solutions.

Navdisenyo lets your existing engineering team take your blockchain project to market in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.

Discover how our ready-to-use blockchain services can power sophisticated custodial solutions, gain valuable market insights, or help creative ideas come to life.

We handle your data integration, cryptographic security,
and chain development ops.

Turn-key Blockchain Projects to power your BlockChain Business Ideas & Use Cases.

Money Transfer App

Start a decentralised Money Transfer App, that runs on Blockchain. Enable users to seamlessly transfer money across countries.

Create own crypto

Create any number of Coins / Tokens / Cryptocurrency in just a few clicks. Effortlessly create any type of Tokens.

Decentralised Video Sharing

A decentralised Video Sharing Platform like Youtube, that runs on Blockchain. Generates Cryptocurrency for each video viewed, each comment, each upvote!

Decentralised Exchange

Start a decentralised token exchange like EtherDelta, using this incredible Cryptocurrency exchange software. Comes loaded with 1000+ Erc20 tokens. Admin Panel and Installation manual.

Crypto comparison

Rule the Cryptocurrency market. Start a Crypto comparison / Market Capitalization site like Coinmarketcap.com. Fully Automated Business. 100% Source code. Business ready!


Cloud Mining

Ready-made Cloud Mining to Start a Mining platform. Users pay you a subscription monthly. Stunning Dashboard for users to monitor coins mined. Powerful Admin Panel for you to Manage.

CrowdFunding Platform

Start a Blockchain powered CrowdFunding Platform. Let Investors fund Projects using your ICO Tokens.

Ride Hailing App

Start a UBER like Ride Hailing App that is powered by Cryptocurrency. Includes Wallet, purchase of coins flow.

Buy-sell cryptocurrency

Start a local Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange. Enable users to buy-sell cryptocurrency locally. 100+ payment options!

Vendor Marketplace

Start a Blockchain powered Multi Vendor eCommerce Marketplace. Decentralised. Buy-Sell. Moderate. Track.

Real Estate Tokenizer

Ready-made real estate Tokenizer to create and distribute asset-backed tokens your Initial Token Offering (ITO) instantly. Stunning Platform for users to Create & distribute real-estate Tokens.


Start a Bitcoin powered lottery or a bitcoin raffle using this Cryptocurrency raffle script.

The benefits of the Blockchain API.

Utilize real-time alerts and leverage scalable infrastructure to allow you or your organization to extract, organize and integrate with blockchain data in minutes. Discover how ready-to-use blockchain data and the ability to easily post back transaction, subscription, and account information across multiple chains, can power new wallet or custodial experiences, explorers that provide new market insights, or help creative ideas come to fruition.

Push Notifications & Sockets

Create alerts to receive up-to-date information about any blockchain network. Get the latest fee rates, hash rate information, network load, and more.

Near-Instant Wallet Sync

Minimize user wait times when starting up a wallet or syncing with a chain. Sync in seconds instead of minutes.

Low/No-Effort Chain Addition

Taking advantage of our generalized infrastructure, we can support new blockchains quickly, so you can begin interacting with new blockchains as soon as possible.