Frequently asked questions

Meeting Code:

The meeting code must be at last 10 digits long. Kindly note that the spaces in the meeting code are auto removed and not considered while calculating the meeting code length. Instead of using the auto-generated meeting code, you can use your own custom meeting code.

End Meeting:

A meeting gets created when the fast participant joins and is auto ended when the last one leaves.

Password protection:

You can always password protect the meeting once is has started. However, keep in mind that the password will be reset once that meeting is ended.

Screen Recording:

We are using open-source server in our application for video conference. In our application have no admin panel option, to store your personal data in our database. Our application have screen-recording option, but we’re using open-source server and we have not admin panel option, so you need to save your screen-recording video file in your own Dropbox account.

Screen Sharing:

In our free application have no screen-sharing option, but if you want screen-sharing option for teaching or any other commercial meeting, you can use our web version. For more details about our web version you can call us or visit our site.

What’s new in our application:

Dakio is a free video conference and chat application, we are using open-source and encrypted server. In our app have no time limit, you can continued a single meeting unlimited time as you want. Also in a single meeting you can add up to 70 participant at a time. All user must be sign-in for join meeting also you can set your own meeting password for more protraction.

What’s new in our update version?

In our update version we’ll try to ingress participant limit up to 100, now you can add 70 – 75 participant in a single meeting. Now in our app any user can kick-out other user, but they can rejoin again in meeting. But our update version we’ll block this option, so nobody can kick-out other user. One more thing, now user can remove meeting password, we’ll also disable this option in our next update, so only host / meeting creator can create and remove meeting password.

For details contact Navdisenyo

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