Today I’ll show you how you can properly install react native app builder, setup npm, node and data base step by step without facing any error and problems. Also show you how to fix error.

From several time, I’m trying to install NPM, node and react native app-builder in my windows 10. But it’s too hard for me and I can’t find any one-stop salutation in Internet, where I can easily understand the process of installation. For this, here I try to share some easy step by step guide line to install react native for all of those person who face same problems like me.

In this articular we will cover all of this step bellow :

  1. Install node & npm
  2. Install Git
  3. Install app builder
  4. setup app builder
  5. Configure app builder
  6. Install “npm” on app builder folder
  7. create database
  8. setup user & pass
  9. Run npm
  10. run app builder

Download node LTS : https://nodejs.org/en/ And install it on your c:\ drive

Download Git from : https://git-scm.com/ and install it.

Download React App Builder

Create a new folder in c:\ and copy & past app builder file.